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Suicide – My Experiences, Seeking Help, Statistics

28 September 2018

The first time I experienced the loss of someone to suicide I was 19. Our family friends lost their teenaged son, Chris. He was just 16 years old. We had grown up with them and spent all our holidays together. My best childhood memories were spent with them, swimming and fishing on the beaches of…


13 September 2018

Today is R U OK day, and September is World Suicide Awareness month. Our family has lost 4 people to suicide, 3 relatives and a close family friend. I myself spent a few years with depression and anxiety. I used to self harm and I contemplated suicide often. I even tried it once, and by…

Fathers Day Without My Dad

13 August 2018

Fathers Day is just around the corner, so I thought I would share with you what it now means to me and how I spend it now. These kind of special days, like Mothers Day, Christmas, Easter, Birthdays and Anniversaries, all change once you have lost someone you love. My first Fathers Day without my…

Angels Watching Over Me

28 May 2018

Last Friday I had a car accident and honestly though I wouldn’t live to see another day.  I don’t doubt that my angels were looking out for me, and were even trying to let me know they were there for me before it happened. It was a wet day and I had driven to a beauty…

My Visit With A Medium & How It Helped My Grief

22 March 2018

When I lost my Dad I knew I would visit a medium, and I knew which one I wanted to see. A number of years before, our close family friends lost their teenage son. Like my Dad, he also sadly took his own life. They had told me about their experience visiting a well known…

Three Birds – Every Little Thing Is Gonna Be Ok

01 February 2018

This status popped up in my Facebook memories the other day. It was written exactly 1 month after we had my Dad’s funeral on New Years Eve, when we’d buried him on his birthday. In it I said I keep waiting for him to come back and tell me “everything is gonna be ok”. Well…

Pet Memorials – A beautiful way to remember our best friends

23 November 2017

We have made many pet memorial headstone plaques since our time in this business and it always warms me to see just how loved and a part of the family so many lucky pets are. I take as much care with our pet memorials as I do if it were for a human loved one.…

How Our Garden Memorials Keep Memories Alive

04 November 2017

Christmas time is approaching once again. A time for celebrating with family and friends, but also another special occasion without the loved ones we are missing. My Dad was a big character, the lovable larrakin and his absence is hard not to notice when we are all together. He was the biggest, the loudest and…

Who are we and what can we do for you?

27 September 2016

Welcome to my first Blog I have so many ideas to share with you all but for now I just want to tell you a little more about who we are and what we do. So… Who are we? Memories Set On Stone is a small family business ran by myself, Nikki and my husband…

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