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How Our Garden Memorials Keep Memories Alive

Christmas time is approaching once again. A time for celebrating with family and friends, but also another special occasion without the loved ones we are missing.

My Dad was a big character, the lovable larrakin and his absence is hard not to notice when we are all together. He was the biggest, the loudest and the funniest.

Our first Christmas without him was only a few days after his passing, we went through the motions for the kids in our lives, but it felt surreal, we hadn’t even buried him yet. The second Christmas I remember him being on my mind at all times and I think people avoided talking about him for fear of upsetting me, but all I wanted to do was talk about him, he was missing from us and that couldn’t be ignored.

I miss the fun he brought to every occasion. I miss the way he would goof around with kids and have everyone laughing.

But one thing I love at our family gatherings now, a few years on and with his stone taking pride of place in my garden, is that at some point someone will look at his smiling face watching over us and from there the stories will start. We reminisce on the good times and have plenty of funny tales to share. There always seems to be a new one that I haven’t heard before.

“It helps us keep his memory alive and brings his presence back to our special occasions, and that to me is priceless”.

My Dad’s Memorial Stone Plaque – Watching Over Us in Our Garden


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