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My Visit With A Medium & How It Helped My Grief

When I lost my Dad I knew I would visit a medium, and I knew which one I wanted to see.

A number of years before, our close family friends lost their teenage son. Like my Dad, he also sadly took his own life. They had told me about their experience visiting a well known Medium from Bunbury, WA.

Our male friend went in support of his wife, somewhat skeptical and just wanting to make sure she wasn’t taken advantage of in her vulnerable state. They both left believers, receiving validations that could only have come from their son.

So when Dad passed away, I booked in to see the same medium they went to. It had been a number of months since he passed but at the time I was still very much in the midst of deep grief, and I still had so many regrets and unanswered questions that felt like they would eat away at me forever.

And then I met Anthony Grzelka. He wasn’t what I thought a male medium would be like. He looked really ‘normal’ and had a warm presence. Dressed smartly, with no outward signs of being a spiritual woo-woo man like the image I had conjured up in my head.

Medium Anthony Grzelka

When the reading started my cousin (the son of our family friends who I’d first heard about Anthony from) appeared first. I was told who he was, the initial of his first name and how he died, his age and how he related to me. His personality was also described and was spot on, all information was correct.

Then he introduced my Dad. Anthony knew it was my Dad straight away, and he said that my Dad knew I was coming that day and really wanted to be here to speak with me.

He gave us lots of other information that no one else could have known, he knew of family issues and disputes as well as details leading up to my Dad’s death. He knew dates of anniversaries and birthdays, names, so much of the information was small, but they meant the most because they were the validations that proved to me the information was coming from my Dad. This confirmation helped me to believe the other messages my Dad had for me.

He said my Dad wanted me to know there was nothing I could have done to change things, that it was no one else’s fault. And that he had made a big mistake, which is something I knew in my heart already. He also said my Dad was OK now, he was free of the pain and mental suffering that had plagued him all his life. He was at peace.

It was an emotional experience and it probably didn’t all sink in at first which is why I am glad Anthony records all his readings and I still have the CD that I am able to listen to again if I feel the need to.

What I took away from the reading played a big part of my beginning to move forward with my grief after a period of ‘stuckness’. I stopped questioning what I could have done differently and I was able to forgive myself and the others who I had blamed. It didn’t fix everything, my grief was still with me, but most of all it assured me that he still exists and that wherever he is, he is OK.

Since then my connection to my Dad in spirit has only grown stronger. He sends me signs all the time letting me know he is still with me, and I still turn to him for help at times and I feel like I always get an answer.

I often send my friends and family who have lost someone to Anthony now, knowing it may bring them a little comfort and help them on their journey with grief.

I recently asked Anthony if I could interview him for my followers, as I know many of you are open to such ideas and have shared stories of your own. If you have any suggestions on questions I could ask him I would love to hear them.

For those interested in learning more about Anthony and what he does you can find him on Facebook here.

Til next time,

Nikki Holmes

About Nikki: Nikki is the owner of Memories Set on Stone which came about after the sudden loss of her Dad, Rob. She makes no secret of the fact she believes in the after life and believes her Dad guided her here today, helping people keep their memories alive through beautiful memorials. When she isn’t working, she is a wife and mum to two cheeky boys and loves to sing and write songs.


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  1. Jackie strusinski on March 22, 2018 at 7:18 pm

    After I lost my beautiful mum , I didn’t know where to turn .
    It was a total shock & I needed answers.
    I didnt want to go and see just any medium.
    A friend of mine past me Anthony’s number
    ( Whispers from Beyond)
    I finally got to go and see him , at his home in Eaton.
    He was so relaxed and I was nervous as hell..
    He was spot on with our mum , she came throu straight away & was waiting for my sis & myself to visit her..
    Anthony had goose pimples and so did we.. Just unbelievable..
    He said that mum was sick of all her pain and that she was now free .
    She is always with us and he explained our house to a T!!!
    We had just built our home when mum past at our home..
    He mentioned mum new purple glasses that she never got to wear..
    Anthony mentioned stuff that no- one would of ever known.
    There was a lot of tears but I left known that mum is ok and pain free & i know she is looking over us all.
    Thank you Anthony 🌈💜

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