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Pet Memorials – A beautiful way to remember our best friends

We have made many pet memorial headstone plaques since our time in this business and it always warms me to see just how loved and a part of the family so many lucky pets are.

I take as much care with our pet memorials as I do if it were for a human loved one. It takes careful editing to ensure the best engraving result as well as an eye for detail and design when it comes to planning the layout and choosing fonts. Each one is as unique as the gorgeous pet is being created for.

One of our very first pet memorial plaques on natural stone was for Maggie – a gorgeous little Frenchie who was adored by her family. Her little face is caputured perfectly here perfectly, carefully engraved to bring out the highlights on her face as the photo provided was quite dark all over.

Maggie Boo Pet Memorial Headstone Plaque

Maggie Boo Pet Memorial Headstone Plaque

Then there was Diego & Terra. They were like babies in their family who were devestated when they passed. A very caring friend decided to give one of our pet memorial stone plaques as a gift. It took alot of careful editing to get the engravings to turn out just right, and what a beautiful stone it was. Their happy faces forever looking over mums garden now.

Pet Memorial Headstone Plaque

Pet Memorial Headstone Plaque

Although this example was not for a pet memorial stone plaque, we haven’t had the oppurtunity to engrave many cats, and this is a beautiful example of how amazing they can look when a high quality photo is provided. There is so much detail in these pictures, we were so happy with the result and so was the lucky owner of this stone, who was also gifted it by a caring friend to congratulate them on their new business.

Pet Memorial Headstone Plaque

Pet Memorial Headstone Plaque Cat Dog Photo Engravings

Stella was the fur baby of a close family friend of ours who was absolutely devestated when she was tragically taken in an unfortunate accident. We gifted her one of our pet memorials as a surprise with the help of her daughter to get the right photo without our friend knowing. We got her reaction on video and it was priceless. Our friend placed her stone at her doorway so that she can still be greeted by Stella’s adoring little face every time she walks in the door, just like she always did when she was here. I really love how unique this stone is.

If you would like us to help create a pet memorial headstone or plaque for one of your beloved fur babies please get in touch or purchase from our online store.

Thank you

Nikki xx

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